Friday, 29 January 2016

Nano Fiction 22 : Dying Mother's Blog

Hello there!

Today's thought for the day - "Money can't buy you life!"

This Nano Fiction is a little bit of 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', digital style, though! It takes a look at another level blogging can be taken to. I have seen so many people documenting their children's activities on their blogs. Imagine how good it would be for their children to see their childhood flashing before their eyes one day!

I wonder how many people will still read my blog if I die one day?

Some of us have a big share of digital life - I mean, we writers, share things we love to. It becomes a digital record, sort of! Something everyone can see even after we no longer are there. A part of us is always available - online. Such is the effect of technology!

Some days, you have stories to share, but do not get perfect words to put them into. Today is one such day! Without much ranting and cribbing, here's the next Nano Fiction.

Happy reading!

Today is Fri-Yay! But not totally for me; because tomorrow isn't a holiday for me. *cribs*


  1. This looks very impractical to me. Although it may look possible and practical in near future to me. Appreciate your new thinking, aysh. Keep writing. Love :)


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