Sunday, 7 February 2016

Book Review #54 : Logically Stupid, That’s Love

Sometimes, I feel really lucky to be a book lover and getting author signed copies from authors themselves to review their work. I feel so privileged and blessed.

I started reading this book and after a few pages, I got so engrossed that I could actually visualize the characters in front of my eyes. This book is dedicated to our generation which never values anything that comes easy. This book has too many ingredients that can make it a bestseller.

I loved the way Shikha has put elements like romance, thrill, and so much more in this book. I fell in love with the characters. As the story develops, the characters get intense, and you have more reasons to believe why the book is titled so. Special mention for the book jacket that fits so apt with the entire theme!

Language used is very simple and crisp. Every chapter has a twist that adds to the plot. Shikha leaves the readers asking for more. Also, I can safely say like Shikha's previous book, this too can be converted to a motion picture, as it has all the correct ingredients!

The two things that l liked the most about her characters were that they were very close to real and they keep you hooked. Because as readers we do not adore perfection in characters, flawed characters appeal us more!

Delhi, Goa, Amritsar- story travels through 3 cities giving you the local flavors. Also to mention, the conversation of the middle-class families is an icing on the cake.

Shikha is an incredible story-teller and that passion of hers shines through her words. This read is for those who love witty romances. The book addresses the common issue faced by today's generation, Career or Love? Hence the connectivity with the characters is instant as a reader. After her first book, Shikha has again touched the right chord with her readers.

Shikha is a witty writer who is somehow always successful in dodging sugar-coated romance and emphasizing on fun quotient consistently, and yet her book never fails to glow on emotions.

Shikha is one author to watch-out for.  No dull moment, full of turns and twists, LSTL is an entertaining read with a profound message to the generation. It is a love story to cherish and read this Valentine season. Warm your hearts with a different yet everyday tale, a fun story which will impress today’s young romantic-comedy lovers.

Rating - 4.8/5

P.S: The book was sent to me by author, Shikha Kumar in exchange of an honest review.


  1. The book looks quite interesting from your review. Would like to read it in near future :)

    1. Thanks, Dharan. The title is also very interesting and I'm sure it would urge the readers to pick this book!

  2. That's interesting. The title and the cover alone already is intriguing.

  3. Well expressed Review ..sounds interesting !

    1. Thank you so much, Ananya. Much love across :)


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