Friday, 19 February 2016

Book Review #55 : My Dream Man

Title: My Dream Man
Author: Aditi Bose
Pages: 203
Price: Rs. 200/-
Publisher: Authors' Ink Publications

I am impressed by the choice of Aditi's words, the humour and their combination which drive the reader forward to this book. However, I didn’t much like the cover. It is quite misleading. It hints at it being an erotica which the book isn't.

The story is about an ambitious yet a struggling writer, wanting all the success out of her words. The struggle of a writer and the inner conflicts are well illustrated.

I like the subject the book considers -  the age disparity between a couple. The characters are quite realistic. The characters are depicted clearly and adding quotes of famous writers with chapter names is something I found refreshing. Aditi describes everything so vibrantly that you can picture even the minutest detail in your mind! 

The plot is realistic and uncomplicated which makes it a great read.

The flow is quite swift and language is easy to comprehend, free flowing, easy, chatty and witty. It is a good and light-hearted read that I enjoyed in spite of everything. Aditi has a flair for writing. A chick lit through and through, I’m sure the book will find many readers.

'My Dream Man' soon had me chuckling and nodding in agreement. This book is a sort of autobiography of a young intelligent girl who wants to be a writer. She talks to her readers, meanders around, comments on diverse subjects that occupy the mind of someone like her, from food cravings to boring lectures; from drooling over men to writers block; from intrusive parents to interfering relatives. This builds a rapport with the reader.

This also works as a guide to wannabe writers like me, and the pitfalls that come in the way, like copying styles we think may sell, and pressures from the agent to write in a certain way.

Aditi Bose has managed to push you deep into Ajopa’s skin- and yes you journey with her from being a bubbly teenager to a mellow adult woman.

The climax was very rushed. The ending, though clich├ęd, had a surprising element to it that I really enjoyed. The epilogue was unnecessary. The first 20 pages were too dragging. A couple of sub plots could have been avoided as they purely seemed to be fillers.

There were also a lot of grammatical errors in the book. A better editor could have made the book much better. The font and page quality of the book seemed amateurish too.

My Dream Man is a fun one-day, decent read for when you're in the mood for something light-hearted and relaxing. 

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