Wednesday, 17 February 2016

For The Love Of Urdu ~ #1

I am really fond of Urdu language and that kind of justifies my liking for Pakistani dramas.

I think Urdu really deserves a lot more love and acceptance. It is one language that lends itself to so many genres and art forms and should be brought to the public consciousness in a better way. This language lends so much depth to the words we want to convey and thereby it adds a lot to our existence.

I find people speaking Urdu, so much more adorable and attractive than those who don't! This language is too exotic, according to me.

When a fellow blogger friend suggested to watch, 'Dil-E-Muztar', I immediately went on to YouTube and there, it all started. Today, I finished watching the entire drama. And I must say, after watching Pakistani dramas, I ALWAYS learn a lot about life. They are so realistic! I have watched 5-6 of them, and each has taught me very important lessons of life.

And for the love of Urdu, I had to share this dialogue from 'Dil-E-Muztar'. (See the imagery) It has deep meanings hidden and I love the way it explains a lot about life.

Each one of us is broken, in one way or the other; yet every morning we get up and live our day. Each passing day, makes us stronger and some things never leave us, yet, we just learn how to gracefully hide them behind our smiling faces. And that is what I learnt about life - It never stops for anyone, it goes on.

Few shayari lines, I love from the title track of this show: (of course, I had to see the translation to get its complete meaning!)

"Dil-e-muztar ko samjhaya bahut hai,
Magar is dil ne tadpaya bahut hai,

Qayamat hai yeh tark-e-arzoo bhi,
Mujhe aksar wo yaad aaya bahut hai,

Magar is dil ne tadpaya bahut hai,
Dil-e-muztar ko samjhaya bahut hai,

Tabassum bhi , Haya bhi , Berukhi bhi,
Ye andaze sitam, bhaya bahut hai,

Rahi hasti ke is jalte safar main,
Tumhari yaad ka saya bahut hai,

Dil-e-muztar ko samjhaya bahut hai,
Magar is dil ne tadpaya bahut hai..."


  1. In love with every word ❤ I summarize everything in this line - Aisi boli bole k har lafz se khusbhu aaye, aisi boli wohi bole jisse urdu aaye :) Keep writing :) Love :)

    1. Urdu is one such language that has sweetness all over. Thanks for reading!

  2. When is your next article coming up for the love of Urdu?


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