Friday, 5 February 2016

Nano Fiction 23 : Forgiveness

Don't you curse him? Aren't you angry with him for abandoning you all of a sudden and getting engaged again?

She replied, "Slowly, he wrote me; out of his story, but I don't curse him. Weak people curse those who have wronged them. I am strong. I forgave someone who wasn't sorry for what he did, and with time I have learnt to accept an apology I never received."

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Relationships in the age I live in, die due to ego, pride and an improper attitude towards each other. I wish, people remembered that no one in the history has ever choked to death from swallowing their pride. If you realize you are wrong, it's never too late to admit. Never admitting your fault - totally murders your relationship.

I read a quote somewhere - "Saath chodne walo ko toh ek bahana chahiye, warna nibhane wale toh maut ke darwaze tak saath nahi chodte."

Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that crushed it. If someone has wronged you and moved on, forgive them anyway. Do not give them a rent-free space in your mind and heart.

We cannot expect the other person to love us the same way we do to them. Each one is programmed to love differently.

Sometimes letting go is better than holding on. It does a little less damage, I have realized.

I wrote a little poem in Hindi, one night, when sleep failed to reach me and thoughts poured..quite well!

Kisi ko maaf kar dena,
Hai kitna bada hunar!

Na kar uski chah jo hai kho gaya,
Na dho bojh toote rishton ka...

Na ho woh azaad,
Na tu,
Jab tak karo na ek dusre ko tum maaf.

Apno ko toh sabhi maaf kar dete hai,
Gair ko maaf kar,
Tab banega tu bada aey insaan, 
Apne khoon ko maaf karna,
Hota hai aasaan,
Hai na badappan usme koi,
Dusron ko bhi insaan samjh,
Kare jo maaf,
Woh kehlayega bada...

Maaf karne se hota nahi koi chota,
Buss hota hai mann halka...
Har galat kiya, jayega bhool,
Khilenge khushi ke phool.

Na de apne dimag aur dil me bewajah jagah usse,
Na paal malaal,
Karde maaf,
Ho jayega tu aazaad,
Maafi mein hai taakat badi!


  1. Can't stop smiling :) Over a period you do realise that holding grudges towards anyone harms you more than anything else. I appreciate the simplicity of your post. Your poem was the show stealer. You made my day :) Keep writing :) Truly appreciate your writings :)

    1. :)

      Yes, it does a lot of harm and puts you in a dangerous place. Everyone is flawed. Better to accept everything that happens to be for the best and stay happy in life.

      Faith >> Fear

      Thanks a lot for reading!! :)

  2. So well said - Faith is greater than fear. I should thank you for writing such awesome posts :) Now I know why they say writers are immortal :)

    1. Aww! Thank you to readers like you too! :)

      Sometimes I wonder if anyone even reads what I write. Such comments are comforting and re-assuring!

  3. Well written, Aayesha. Sometimes giving forgiveness to the ones who wronged us and never bothered to even acknowledge it, is the sweetest revenge.
    Missed reading your posts. Glad to be back here. :)

    1. Hi, Vinitha! Long time!

      Well said, I resonate with your thoughts too! :) I believe kill people with love and kindness.

      Glad to have you back too, believe me. :)

    2. That feeling is mutual dear! Which software are you using to create these wordy pictures? Looking perfect. :)

    3. I make them in Powerpoint, then save as .png image file! :)


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