Sunday, 21 February 2016

Nano Fiction 24 : YOLO

I saw Neerja today. NEERJA is a story worth telling, this is Sonam Kapoor's best performance to date! She proves her mettle as an actor.

The USP of Neerja is its realism and low-key tone. Everything unfolding on screen feels like something that must surely have happened off screen. It is the seeming lack of effort to build up melodrama that makes this such an intense, suspenseful and emotionally consuming viewing experience.

So, so proud of Neerja Bhanot for her never-ending commitment, kindness towards the passengers and for her extra-ordinary courage.

Emotional, inspiring, teary and flawless - Neerja is a MUST WATCH!

Despite everything, what struck me, after I saw it- was that life is short.

Live each day like it is your last. Buy that dress/lipstick you have set your eyes on, say that 'one' sorry you wish you had said, make that 'one' phone call which you think can make things right for you, confess your love for that someone, apologize if you have let down your parents or anyone for that matter - because nobody has seen tomorrow. It may happen that either you or that someone may not live tomorrow. So take that chance, and create magic in your life.

What if you're talking to that person for the last time? Maybe you are saying a final bye when you drop them off the bus stop, maybe they will never come home back - so hug them tight and never let people you love walk away, because you may realize it later - that you are nothing without them. It will never be the same with anyone else but them. But it may be too late to rectify things then. So do it TODAY. NOW is the time to set things right and make them fall in place.

Not always money will make you happy. Do what makes you happy from within and bring that smile on your face, even when you're tired.

I believe in the mantra - You Only Live Once (YOLO). Life is too short for hatred. Love more, hate less. With this message, I am signing off, for I have a hectic week ahead. Keep smiling, love life, it will love you back! 


  1. Yes indeed. The true meaning of life lies in living the life alongside of pursuing a fruitful goal. Love your take on practical things in life that matter the most :) Keep writing :) Love :)


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