Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Nano Fiction 25 : The Moon

I love the moon. Isn't it too beautiful? And of late, it seems too beautiful and soothing to me! I spend a minimum of 10 minutes by my window side admiring it and reflecting on life.

Silky Loneliness, 
Consumes Me With Tenderness.

The Moon spills its silver,
Reflects both light and darkness,
The night captures my soul.
The moon is weeping
And so am I..

I wonder if life is always fair? I wonder how many people who want to be together are apart and how many who do not stand each other are together. Sometimes, destiny plays a dirty game. All we are allowed to do is stand still, wait and bear the drama unfold. I wish we got some answers when we needed them the most. 


  1. Beautifully penned. The complexity of human relationship may be an illusion, after all:)

  2. Love the way you look at moon and connect human relationships :)


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