Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Nano Fiction 30 : Matchmaking

Despite Bollywood painting a very flowery picture of eternal love and marriages based on love, somehow I have lost faith in the Indian matrimonial system and Love too. In India, marriages don’t happen between two individuals (which actually should happen) – it happens between two families, like a royal political treaty. Which kind of screws it up.

Uninvited neighbours and guests gate-crash the wedding and gobble free food. Basically everybody has fun except the ones whose wedding it actually is.

The moment a girl learns how to walk, hawk-eyed relatives start targeting her as the prey. “Tumhare liye rishta aaya” is the death-knell on a woman’s desires. She is scrutinized like an object on sale and is needed to know how to cook, clean, walk on the tight rope, perform stunts etc (I know exaggeration!). Shooting fire from the mouth was the only stunt which wasn’t accepted as that was the exclusive talent-cum-right of the prospective mom-in-law. (Hahahaha)

Soon Sherlock-like matrimonial agents aka the aunties emerge as matchmakers where caste, family, and the girl’s “merits” are the prime concern.

I wonder whether if we can ever find Mr. Right or Ms. Right. And why this race to find the right? Why can't we accept people for who they are?! Why do we leave people for little faults of theirs? Why are we not a bit patient?  

Off late, I have turned anti-men and the concept of marriage puts me off, after I see what is currently going around. I wish India finds somehow a way for a woman to bear a child without a man. (winks)

With the changing dynamics of the “partner selection process", matrimonial sites are getting tough competition from the dating portals these days. Even still, we have such a high divorce rates, because too many options are available to get people replaced.

Does “Tumhare liye rishta aaya” scare you?! 

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Value Of Words

I am amazed when pictures like 'How much time did you save by typing a 'K' instead of 'Ok?!' are circulated on social media. I agree, you save yourself a few milliseconds by not typing the complete word. But my take on this is, it all depends on who you're talking to.

For me, I can type lengthy songs and messages for people I adore and wish to continue my conversations with. And then, I can also slay all the Grammar rules, by just replying for the sake of it by writing just a 'ty' instead of a 'thank you' or just a 'gn' instead of a proper 'good night'.

Typing a 'K' instead of 'ok' may not save much of my time, but it surely sends signals to the person that I am talking to, that I am not really interested to extend the conversation. *winks*

As a writer, I know the value of my words and I know who to spend them on, effectively. Do you choose to spend your words with the right people or you think my ideology is mean? I would love to know! Do comment and share your view.

I am extremely happy as I am off to a mini vacation to Goa with my girlfriends from tomorrow, and my plan is to just let things be and go with the flow. What are your plans? And btw, Happy Holi to my readers, hope your life is colorful always! :)

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Nano Fiction 29 : Ghost Diaries

Winter night,
A tiny bulb, the only light, on the road,
A heap of garbage, dogs barking,
The road was barely visible,
Twisted through gloomy trees,
Heart racing, terrifying silence.

I walked silently, making no clatter of my footsteps,
So as not to bother the evil things sleeping about.

Suddenly some footsteps follow me,
And I do nothing, but walk faster and faster.
Tiny droplets of sweat make through majority of the pores of my body,
And the winter ceases to exist.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Nano Fiction 28 : Better Half

He is the anchor that holds me in place,
Without whom, my life would be just an empty space.

My thoughts are tea-leaves only he can read,
A brain scan that only he can successfully accomplish,
To know what's going on inside of me.

I find solace in his arms,
When I'm troubled, I have a listening ear in him,
In my darkest days, he always looks on the brighter side.

He's the color of my coffee,
He's got warmth like the sand, a smile like the sun,
He drowns me in waves; with his love,
He helps me grow, but reminds me: struggling is half the fun.

He is an ocean, once calm, I've turned violent and numb.
He's a beach I can sink my toes into.

He sees right through me, there's nothing I can hide,
Among my tears and our pain,
He is the stronger one.
My better half.

Your warm hugs and kisses let me know it will be all right,
That makes me want to love you more each day, with all my might.

You lift me when I’ve fallen,
When I’m lost you take the lead,
You, my best half.
Half me, half you, makes US.

P.S: Hope you like the poetry! Tell me what is your definition of a 'better half' in the comments below. :D


Saturday, 12 March 2016

Nano Fiction 27 : Truth Behind The Lie

Truth lies behind the person who smiles the most,
Pain lies within their eyes.
Loneliness is what they feel.
Tears roll down their face,
Who is that person?
A shadow within us all,
They're a false image that we have to be.

Nobody understands the truth that lies behind that person;
The person who smiles the most  -
Behind all the make-up and filters,
It won't show up in their pictures,
They will always look happy,
Because kind people are always flawless, despite their pain.


Monday, 7 March 2016

Nano Fiction 26 : Hardest Goodbye

I love the following lines from 'Alvida' song of the movie D-Day.

"Umr bhar ka saath de jo, Kyun wohi pyaar ho!
Kyun na mit ke jo fanaa ho, Woh bhi pyaar ho!
Naa adhoori yeh kahaani
Naa adhoora yeh fasaana
Mar ke bhi naa hum kahenge, Alvida!"

I wonder, why love is always assumed to be true, when it is of the type, "..They lived happily ever after.." Because many of us are not fortunate enough to experience it, which doesn't mean our love wasn't true. Sometimes, people are bad and sometimes, situations.

Some people are our hardest goodbyes. And all you have to do, is accept that goodbye. Sometimes, holding on does more damage than letting go.

You certainly release them. You stop allowing their history to have any meaning for you today. You let them move on, and let them fall in love again too. And when you see this person you have let go, you realize you have no reason to be sad. The person you knew, exists somewhere, but you are separated by too much time to reach them again.

Yet, when I see people separated, I feel, every individual deserved a second chance for that one 'Sorry', 'I Love You' which could have possibly mended things.

Yesterday, I saw 'Sanam Teri Kasam' movie, I do not know if many of you know about it. I was released parallel to 'Sanam Re' and 'Ghayal, Once Again". It is intense and emotional, majorly shot at real locations which makes it easy to connect. It has a very lovely dialogue - "Log saath isliye nahi rehte, kyunki wo ek dusre ki galtiyon ko bhool jate hai; woh saath isliye rehte hai, kyunki woh ek dusre ko maaf kar dete hai." The music by Himesh Reshammiya is soulful and one of the highlights of the film. The songs are penned well and bring out the mood of the film, especially Haal-e-dil and Bewajaah. The 'doomed love' angle does have its charm and Sanam Teri Kasam does tug at your heart-strings. I loved it.

Next Nano Fiction is here! Do let me know in the comments below, how it was! Keep smiling, stay motivated and rule your day! 

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Book Review #57: Surrogate Author

ISBN: 9781503002159
Publisher: Hoffen (I Edition)
Pages: 47

I thank the author for sending me this book, in exchange for an honest review.

I have never read a book as funny as this, where being anything other than an engineer is being equal to a terrorist! Amazing 47 pages!

This is the story of an engineer turned author Authdas {a guy very similar to Devdas}. Authdas always wanted to be an author and write his first book named Paro. Paro is his childhood obsession and an unfulfilled dream. But there are so many people who stand in his way. It his love-struck journey towards his dream Paro, and an unending love to his writing even after facing many odds.

The format of the book is unique. I loved how the story comes out like a play with each character taking the centre stage. The book sends out a powerful, and a much needed message - In the introduction, Santosh says "Good authors are those who write and basically are not businessmen." You can be an author, don’t let the critics, money, fame and others affect you.

If Bollywood movies like Devdas, Sholay and DDLJ recharge your soul, you are sure to have a heart full of laughter with this book! If the reader knows the twists of all the movies above, then Surrogate Author is great fun.

The corner tag of the book says ' To Aspiring Authors'. Beyond the main plot, the last few pages of the book include a brief guide to writers-to-be. Manuscript ideas, manuscript keywords and sample manuscript writing tools are shared for the benefit of a newbie author. I found that too helpful! The difficulties and distracting temptations that an aspiring author faces while preparing his first manuscript is sculpted effortlessly through popular Bollywood characters.

The book is meant for aspiring authors, like me, who enjoy drama, movies and entertainment.

Verdict: Surrogate Author is a perfect entertainment for leisure reads and travels. It's just a little bigger than a pocket-size book! But, a dhamaka in small size, truly!

Rating: 5/5!