Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Nano Fiction 28 : Better Half

He is the anchor that holds me in place,
Without whom, my life would be just an empty space.

My thoughts are tea-leaves only he can read,
A brain scan that only he can successfully accomplish,
To know what's going on inside of me.

I find solace in his arms,
When I'm troubled, I have a listening ear in him,
In my darkest days, he always looks on the brighter side.

He's the color of my coffee,
He's got warmth like the sand, a smile like the sun,
He drowns me in waves; with his love,
He helps me grow, but reminds me: struggling is half the fun.

He is an ocean, once calm, I've turned violent and numb.
He's a beach I can sink my toes into.

He sees right through me, there's nothing I can hide,
Among my tears and our pain,
He is the stronger one.
My better half.

Your warm hugs and kisses let me know it will be all right,
That makes me want to love you more each day, with all my might.

You lift me when I’ve fallen,
When I’m lost you take the lead,
You, my best half.
Half me, half you, makes US.

P.S: Hope you like the poetry! Tell me what is your definition of a 'better half' in the comments below. :D



  1. Having someone as partner in life is a good thing.


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