Monday, 18 April 2016

A Little Bit Of Heaven

After a super hectic day at work, what comforts me is a laptop, keypad, my words and coffee. And.. kids! I love kids. And especially my neighbor, oh my God, she is a munchkin!

Just, as I came home today, I found her playing with my kitchen set and dolls! I don't remember playing with them so often, like she does! It's total 'paisa vasool' for those toys now, in true sense. I love her to bits. When she asks me 'Kyun, Aayesha didi?' for some things, I go 'Aww, I have to answer this in the best possible way I can!'

She is an amazing rejuvenating agent to me. Sometimes, I realize, no one can fill the void of some people, I have loved and lost, but children - they are a bit of heaven, truly. I forget all my worries for the time I am with her.  All the wrinkles of stress from my face, fade away at the sight of her face.

I don't understand, why people do not like daughters. They are so adorable. I am again a kid, when with her. We play kitchen set, doctor-doctor, ghar-ghar, we blow bubbles and watch them fly in air, I  put her funky nail colors, style her hair, we watch cartoons and do so much more together!

Children are such pure souls, so innocent. They see everything with a nice eye. They don't judge, like we adults do. I wish we remained child-like even after we grew up; though unfortunately we learn to become cunning to survive this world and hide the child within us.

I can snuggle this cutie up for hours and feel so happy about life. Sometimes, I can just hold onto her, and share my vulnerability by not saying anything at all. It is fun listening to her tales; though I wish I had her to listen to things life puts me through, but then I realize I don't want this pure soul to ever know what life actually looks like. It can be cruel. She won't understand it and I do not want her to understand it too. Because that smile on her face, I want it to last forever and never fade away.

When I look into her eyes, I see trustfulness, curiosity and joyfulness. Her thoughts and heart are uncluttered and that is the very reason that she is so radiant. Her mind is so transparent and never scheming or cunning. And the cutest part, kids believe what we tell them.

"A child and God are one by character." I so much have started to believe this. I'd much rather see the world through the eyes of a child. They have an innocence about them that is genuine and very real.

May God, protect her from all harms, today and always. Thank you, Allah, for the positivity that Vidhi brings to my life. Really grateful.

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