Friday, 15 April 2016

Book Review #59: The Lost/Last Rights

Author: Laksh Ramazad
Pages: 244
Publisher: JBM Publishers

The book is so interesting that I couldn't put it down, once I crossed it half way. It doesn't look like it is a debut book of Laksh. It's so well written, you feel like you're watching a motion film. The narration sells the story!

This book portrays the special bond between a father and son quite well. Anyone who is writer or a film-maker will love reading this book.

The Lo(a)st Rights by Laksh Ramazad is an intriguing story about Haren and how he unravels the mystery about the blame on his father of his best friend’s murder. Haren is an aspiring script writer.

The story is simple and nice. All men have their own pasts, and their dead ones' past haunt them more. This book is about how a son tries to uncover the story of his once hated father in order to escape from such past. The search leads him to relive his father's as well as his lost days.

Very crisply written script. The plot moves at a smooth pace with perfect grammar and twists at appropriate instances. Emotions of a father-son duo are portrayed brilliantly.

The story did seem stretched at certain points in the book. A few narrations weren’t required, I felt. The cover is well designed and the blurb is very interesting and meaningful.

All the characters are well plotted. The book is quite interesting and I loved how the mystery of the murder is disclosed!

The book is edited well and I did learn a few lessons about life from this book.

A nice page turner with fresh story, a light read, overall. Way to go, Laksh. :) Thank you for sending me this book. I’m sure the book will find many readers. I would definitely read Laksh's upcoming books!

Rating - 5/5

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