Friday, 1 April 2016

Book Review #58 : Surpanakha

Written by Hariharan Iyer, Notion Press brings you a riveting book that is based on politics, murder, and conspiracies. Titled Surpanakha, the book is full of twists and turns.

Excellent work. Fast passed narrative. Political thriller. That is Surpanakha!

The title Surpanakha intrigued me to agree to review it. The blurb is interesting. I liked the way the author has written the characters. All the characters are true to life and very relatable. Once the book takes its pace, it is interesting and you cannot put it down.

The characters are very neatly etched out and Hariharan takes most of the beginning of the book to introduce the characters. At one point, you do feel a bit dragged and confused as there are too many characters and you tend to lose the track and connect to the story.

The flow of the story is quite swift and language is easy to comprehend. But, you need your own sweet time to read the book, grasp the characters, but the good point is, the book doesn’t disappoint story wise.

I had a perception when I started the book that it would have some historical reference due to its title 'Surpanakha' but there wasn’t any and that came as a surprise, when towards the end, Hariharan merges the story and the title flawlessly. It is the highlight of the book and made the read worthwhile for me! I’m sure the book will find many readers. I would definitely read the author's upcoming books!

Rating - 4/5

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