Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Nano Fiction 34 : Animals Over Humans

Some people are weird. They care more about the animals' pain than humans around them!

I am not saying, not to care about animals, but I feel it is essential that you first understand what suffering a human is going through before understanding that of an animal!

And most of the times, it is that very human who cares for animals that hurts humans the most! Such people are afraid of commitments and are scared to be answerable to anyone! They are least bothered to make up for the harm they cause to humans, but boast about how they care for the animals! Hypocrites, I say!

The first thing that comes to my mind is that animals don’t lie and they don't expect. They don’t pretend to like you, they either do or they don’t. There is nothing false about them, they don't have hidden agendas! And other than, when they die, they don’t break our hearts. There are a many reasons to love and care for animals, but that doesn't and shouldn't make humans secondary to you.

I think, some narcissists relate better to animals than humans due to the fact that animals are fairly self-sufficient, don't demand much. Intimacy is a thing that scares the hell out of narcissists, and seems outside the range of their abilities. They don't want to give much - neither time, nor care to humans, maybe because they are scared to get attached or simply because they are plainly cold.

The only aim of this post is to convey that humans deserve care too, just like animals. If you can understand the pain of animals, please do care to understand what a person can go through too - do not turn a blind eye to that and then claim to be a true human being.

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