Monday, 30 May 2016

Nano Fiction 39 : Happy Anniversary

Have you assimilated someone's words like blood flowing in your veins? No bond is as beautiful as that!

It’s strange how this world works. It’s bizarre how you meet someone, a stranger - and after sometime, that same person becomes the most significant part of your life. Miracles are people. People, I believe, are the worst drugs of all.

You cannot live without them. And, that thought makes your bones wither into nothingness. It makes you rip your heart out of your chest. It makes you die - the thought "What after them?" You are so less without them.

That “I love you" from them makes your heart skip a beat, because in those 3 words, you can hear a reflection of their voice, honest eyes - screaming the same.

You are important to someone. You matter. When you get up, when you sleep, what you eat, how your day goes, what time you eat, all that matters to someone. That is true celebration of a relationship - meaning so much to someone.

Certain days are special than the rest. Anniversaries are milestones you reach in your relationship. Some celebrate in a splashy manner, some forget that the day has any significance altogether, some celebrate alone.

People celebrate engagement anniversaries, marriage anniversaries, etc. Of course, the day you were officially bound in a relationship with a person is significant. It is your commitment and loyalty towards each other - physically, mentally, emotionally.

An anniversary celebration allows you to pull back from your daily grind and relive a moment that changed your life forever. A day you always will remember, cherish and honor in your heart. Since that day, you go tied together, hand in hand through life, sharing everything together. A fairy tale begins, what is dream for others, is your reality. Celebrating year/years of togetherness further becomes a shared responsibility between two people to sustain that feeling for as long as you live.

Love is a miracle, sweet as can be,
That will always remain a complete mystery.
For though it is something that's centuries old,
It cannot be purchased for silver or gold.
But instead must be given of one's own free will,
And received with no promises it must fulfill.
And once it's exchanged in this time-honored way,
There's nothing that love cannot manage to say.
No problems too great and no problems too small,
For love, like a miracle, conquers them all.
And leaves in their place such a feeling of peace,
That joy, just like love, cannot help but increase!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Mushy Conversations : Trust

"To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved." --George MacDonald.

Love and trust,
Go hand in hand.
When together,
This dance is quite grand.

Whether a friendship, family relationship, business or personal partnership, any bond is built on trust. Without trust, you have nothing.

The kind of bond you need to create with your partner in order to enjoy a healthy, loving relationship begins with trust. If you're dating or married to a man or woman whom you're suspicious of, then not only are you suffering, your relationship is a sham. Trust is built slowly over time, but it can be shattered in an instant.

Honor your loved one by acting with integrity at all times for it is the glue that holds all relationships together. When people honor each other, there is a trust established that leads to synergy, interdependence, and deep respect.

The best proof of love is trust which is built and maintained by many small actions over time.

Ask yourself - Can someone trust you blindly and do you have one such person that you trust blindly? Is this bond stronger than people you don't really believe in the first time? Definitely, yes! Trust strengthens everything!

Love means jumping off a cliff and trusting that a certain person would be there to catch you at the bottom.

I’ve witnessed situations where couples would claim they love each other, but they wouldn’t trust one another. Without trust, I don’t think their love will ever reach its full potential.

How can you love someone fully and unconditionally, if you don’t trust that person? Building relationships strictly on infatuations is like building a house on sand.

Relationships seem so much peaceful and enjoyable when not only love but also trust is found at the core. I’m also not just talking about trust with regards to being faithful. But also trust regarding the decisions and choices we make, trust in our abilities and talents, and trust us as human beings that we will always have the best mutual intentions in mind. Many a times, we do something, and the other person takes it negatively, whereas we save them from drama or problems ahead. Before assuming things, TALK IT OUT. Never crush the trust between the two of you because of a slight weak moment.

I hope today’s post reminds us all of the importance of both love and trust in any successful relationship.

Until the next time, keep smiling, love more! 
Love, Aayesha.

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Nano Fiction 38 : Nepotism

Is nepotism ever acceptable?  

Nepotism is favoritism granted to relatives. Nepotism can occur in various fields including: politics, entertainment, business, and religion.

How easily few people mix work with family. It is taken altogether to another level where your merit goes out of the window and relatives and people with sifarish are brought in!

The worst thing about nepotism is that it discriminates against capable professionals and quality people in favor of oftentimes mediocre or even substandard ones.

Of course, if someone’s relative IS the most qualified professional for the job, then that means they are being hired on their own merits, and generally in such cases their relation should not be taken against them. The purpose of fighting against nepotism is to avoid discrimination of any kind and promote fairness and equal opportunity. 

One way to reduce nepotism is to have “clear and transparent procedures” for selection. And not ways like "If you're selected we'll call you." Marks and selection criteria(s) should be up in public for everyone to see.

Fighting nepotism is like fighting gangrene. It is not worth to treat. The only way is to amputate it, from the roots.

If favoritism / nepotism is allowed to grow unchecked, deserving people will soon be jobless. It leads to low morale among the people who work hard and it kills their will to give their best.

The institute  may be at risk of losing some potentially excellent employees who won’t want to stick around where they’re not appreciated.

Favoritism is an unprofessional behavior which must not be allowed to foster. It is detrimental and stunts the growth of the institute.

People who hire - Be transparent, for you are going to handle the most vulnerable thing - a human's career and future. Be honest to your profession and say a big NO to nepotism.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Making Love

It took seconds,
For his scent to replace the air in the room,
His smell filled my lungs,
Happily, I let it enter my bloodstream.

Wanted him in the bluntest way,
More than the ocean wants the shore,
More than the way rain wants to fall,
More than the way words want to be read,
I wanted him to the millionth degree.

What could douse the fire I had in me for him?
Well, I have burnt throughout and walked through flames,
I don't fear fire, now.

Like the only wells in the town, about to go dry,
Shy kisses drowned the evening,
The most important discussion I ever had,
Was the conversation between my fingers and his skin.

An insatiable hunger, unquenchable thirst,
To be with him grew in me,
It was more than just making each other moan,
It was more than slashing of flesh,
The slow passionate kissing, neck kisses,
Pulling closer, grinding and then the pauses,
While we felt each other,
This was more...

This man has a hold on my heart, that I could never break,
Even if I wanted to.
Taking each other's souls to a place,
Where minds and hearts play together
Like the unjaded children,
We became a part of each other.

The glint in his eyes,
So beautiful,
That I could see the next 60 years of your life in it.
Have you encountered a sleep so blissful?
That you feel magical as you sleep with your bodies entwined?

Have you ever loved a shirt so much?
That you could wear it for years together,
To feel him in it,
And never give it away?
Have you?

I told him, "We are immortal!"
He laughed then,
Today, I smirk, as hundreds read this poetry,
Today, we lived again!

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Empty Heart!

weighs down my heart,
my soul,
my spirit,
Like unspoken sorrow,
Like cruelty that is,
invading my peace.

What causes this
strange emotional
meltdown within?

It feels as if the earth
has rejected mankind;
Like the sky is crying tears against the filth,
pollution and violence
that fills it.

Intense, agonizing
suffering seems to be
 in the very air that I breathe.

Revealing a soul too broken to patch,
Left alone to wander,
Still an unknown art,
The broken and heavy heart is!

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Nano Fiction 37 : Reach Home Safely

Aren't people who ask you whether you reached home safely, the most adorable ones?

Falling in love is a  slow death in a matter of seconds. It'll always be too much and never enough all at once. It is like getting thrown out of an airplane by the damn parachute. that is why we call it falling. But if you can learn to fly together, you'll get the sunset for much longer. And yes, this is when you will rise in love. - Erin Van Vuren.

The warmth of your embrace,
And the sparkling smiles on your face...
Love is enough, to escape in the wind of yesterdays,
But, love is never enough for showering it on you,
Love is enough to never let the memories fade,
For they are my only treasure.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Nano Fiction 36 : Summer Of 2015

Basking in the merry of the lovely emails I received from my students for the previous post, I was just wondering how did the month of May start and is almost half done! And with that, I recollected this time of the month last year! It was absolutely amazing, last year as by this time I was done with my Master's Thesis, traveled to Chennai, attended a few amazing blogging events, met Kapil Dev, and on the personal front, the month was super amazing! Yet, May was the beginning of an end, an end I could never see coming.

Some memories you remember just like they happened yesterday and live by, for your whole life. Such was the Summer of 2015! Each day crystal clear in my memory.

Sometimes, you don't get time for proper goodbyes to things or people. Some chapters will never be written or forgotten. That's how it is supposed to be, however cruel it be. 

Some images, some people, you don't need cameras and photos to remember every detail of their faces. You just learn them, and it is unforgettable.

What lasts, lasts; what doesn't, doesn't. What time cannot solve, you have to solve yourself.

As I look back, at the year that passed by, lot of things drastically have changed. I realize you do not get to choose the events that come your way, the sorrows that will interrupt your life and change its course. Such things catch you unprepared. You have to suffer and still keep your composure. That kind of a pain changes the way you perceive life.

I wonder why people spend huge on drugs - to get high. For me, certain people are like drugs. You take a hit once and then keep burning your lungs out, until you're numb and can feel nothing. They leave you with euphoric madness. Humans are addictions. Taming the emotional ogre is what is difficult for me. As I get too attached with people, things. 

The love for certain people will always be there, no matter what happens. You will always have a soft corner for them in your heart. But you also know, getting them again/ going back to them will do you no good.

But like I always believe, every situation has something good and bad. Learn to remember the good. This post is an ode to happy times and positivity.

Also, as I was scrolling through my emails, I came across my novel draft, which motivated me to restart it again. 

Never should one leave love stories incomplete. As I recollect that, I know what to do with my free time now! 

We find glory in what we experience and we writers, can even experience what we 'want' to experience - by writing about it; it is like living it!

Friday, 6 May 2016

Nano Fiction 35 : Eccedentesiast

A popular fallacy of some mother-in-laws is - that a girl comes with a solo purpose in her mind, post marriage - to snatch away her son!

A girl entering a new house, has so many fears in her mind, but what people just conclude is, she wants to snatch away our son/brother from us.

Insecure people are always worried if they are loved or not and hence end up asking comparative "Who do you love more" type questions! 

Is it because they are possessive of their sons/brothers and cannot learn to let go or share? Is it the culture of interference that makes these women think they have a right to stick their noses in business that does not directly affect them?

Eventually, it is the men who do not feel slightly embarrassed about all this. Most do nothing to resolve these conflicts, their way of dealing with it is to ignore it.

Not all mother in laws can be portrayed as intrusive, unfair and notoriously adamant. But, a few, yes, they are over obsessive about their sons; with over-oozing motherly instincts! Many a times, which causes a harm to their own sons and changes their lives for the bad.

I cannot somehow buy the argument that - 'A woman's worst enemy is another woman.' We need to empower and lift each other up; and not put each other down. We need to stop being catty and vindictive against each other. 

I wonder why people are so. Each one has his/her own place in someone's life, which is irreplaceable. No one can be a substitute for the other. Each one is loved exactly in the manner they deserve to be loved.

Yet, people have to give up on the person they love, because the love they share becomes an inferiority complex to their loved ones and they become an eccedentesiast.

Eccedentesiast is someone who fakes a smile. Someone who hides behind a smile, when all they want to do is hide and/or die.

We live in a world, where people are of two types: 1. They cry their hearts out when they are unhappy, and 2. We are even surrounded by people who cannot even cry enough to relieve themselves of a pain. They beam to everyone at work and around, being an eccedentesiast about that matter, like it doesn't affect them. When in reality, it kills them.

I wish, we didn't live in an unfortunate world like this.