Friday, 20 May 2016

Making Love

It took seconds,
For his scent to replace the air in the room,
His smell filled my lungs,
Happily, I let it enter my bloodstream.

Wanted him in the bluntest way,
More than the ocean wants the shore,
More than the way rain wants to fall,
More than the way words want to be read,
I wanted him to the millionth degree.

What could douse the fire I had in me for him?
Well, I have burnt throughout and walked through flames,
I don't fear fire, now.

Like the only wells in the town, about to go dry,
Shy kisses drowned the evening,
The most important discussion I ever had,
Was the conversation between my fingers and his skin.

An insatiable hunger, unquenchable thirst,
To be with him grew in me,
It was more than just making each other moan,
It was more than slashing of flesh,
The slow passionate kissing, neck kisses,
Pulling closer, grinding and then the pauses,
While we felt each other,
This was more...

This man has a hold on my heart, that I could never break,
Even if I wanted to.
Taking each other's souls to a place,
Where minds and hearts play together
Like the unjaded children,
We became a part of each other.

The glint in his eyes,
So beautiful,
That I could see the next 60 years of your life in it.
Have you encountered a sleep so blissful?
That you feel magical as you sleep with your bodies entwined?

Have you ever loved a T shirt so much?
That you could wear it for years together,
To feel him in it,
And never give it away?
Have you?

I told him, "We are immortal!"
He laughed then,
Today, I smirk, as hundreds read this poetry,
Today, we lived again!


  1. Absolutely beautiful words and romance constructed so beautifully to bring emotions alive:)

    1. Your comments are truly currency to my blog, Thanks much, Vishal :)


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