Saturday, 14 May 2016

Nano Fiction 37 : Reach Home Safely

Aren't people who ask you whether you reached home safely, the most adorable ones?

Falling in love is a  slow death in a matter of seconds. It'll always be too much and never enough all at once. It is like getting thrown out of an airplane by the damn parachute. that is why we call it falling. But if you can learn to fly together, you'll get the sunset for much longer. And yes, this is when you will rise in love. - Erin Van Vuren.

The warmth of your embrace,
And the sparkling smiles on your face...
Love is enough, to escape in the wind of yesterdays,
But, love is never enough for showering it on you,
Love is enough to never let the memories fade,
For they are my only treasure.


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