Sunday, 22 May 2016

Nano Fiction 38 : Nepotism

Is nepotism ever acceptable?  

Nepotism is favoritism granted to relatives. Nepotism can occur in various fields including: politics, entertainment, business, and religion.

How easily few people mix work with family. It is taken altogether to another level where your merit goes out of the window and relatives and people with sifarish are brought in!

The worst thing about nepotism is that it discriminates against capable professionals and quality people in favor of oftentimes mediocre or even substandard ones.

Of course, if someone’s relative IS the most qualified professional for the job, then that means they are being hired on their own merits, and generally in such cases their relation should not be taken against them. The purpose of fighting against nepotism is to avoid discrimination of any kind and promote fairness and equal opportunity. 

One way to reduce nepotism is to have “clear and transparent procedures” for selection. And not ways like "If you're selected we'll call you." Marks and selection criteria(s) should be up in public for everyone to see.

Fighting nepotism is like fighting gangrene. It is not worth to treat. The only way is to amputate it, from the roots.

If favoritism / nepotism is allowed to grow unchecked, deserving people will soon be jobless. It leads to low morale among the people who work hard and it kills their will to give their best.

The institute  may be at risk of losing some potentially excellent employees who won’t want to stick around where they’re not appreciated.

Favoritism is an unprofessional behavior which must not be allowed to foster. It is detrimental and stunts the growth of the institute.

People who hire - Be transparent, for you are going to handle the most vulnerable thing - a human's career and future. Be honest to your profession and say a big NO to nepotism.


  1. Nepotism sucks. It's such a blot to merit and equality. I've been a victim in the not-so-recent past.
    Do read this interview of Ramona on my blog:

    1. I completely agree, Vishal.

      Off to your blog now! :)


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