Saturday, 4 June 2016

Nano Fiction 40 : Endless Drought

Memories of you float by from 'Hi' to 'Goodbye',
Without you, life was boring and bland,
And then?! With you, it was technicolor,
And now, I don't recognize colors anymore.
There is no color and there’s no sound.
I cannot smell your fragrance.
I wonder why it can’t be found. 

My way is you and you’re not here.
I search the skies, the faraway oceans,
Hoping the gentle breeze will bring me -
A whisper of your voice,
A glimpse of your aura,
A quiver of your breath,
A ray of your love.

Can you possibly fathom how it feels -
To live without the unparalleled thing,
That you really, truly, genuinely want?
That makes your heart throb and sing?
Yearning, thriving, wanting just to see,
The only one who can end your endless, bliss less drought.

Do you realize how that feels?
To be abandoned, and hollow,
Knowing nothing but to brace yourself,
For the inevitable pain that soon follows.

For this terrible affliction, there is no cure.
The only hope is,
In the next life,
All the clocks will have to have the perfect timing.
Soul mates meet eventually, they say,
For they have the same hiding place.
                                                                                                   Love, Aayesha


  1. A perfect ode to romance and beautifully woven. Enticing words

  2. this is a wonderful composition. good work done.


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