Saturday, 25 June 2016

Writers Block, Caffeine Addiction, Rejection Letters - Here I Come!

This weather is suddenly somehow motivating me to have a desk full of empty coffee cups, laptop screen and sticky notes for my novel plot.

"I'll write it this year." - Me every year since 2013.

This unfinished story I started way back in 2013, pricks me to complete it. There are times, I feel, "Wow, my idea was original, then it turns out that it's been done a million times before!" This is the biggest distraction and de-motivator.

There are friends who end up asking me what happened to their stories that they told me to include in my book. And I be like - "Yeah, I'm writing!" whereas, I was not.

There are going to be rejections and I do not even know if I shall see it in print one day, but what you begin, you should end gracefully. I HAVE TO make time for this unfinished project. I have to carry this on, without worrying if I will be a published author or no. Yes, it is a dream to hold your book in hand, that's what shall keep me going!

Writers block, caffeine addiction, rejection letters - here I come!

Meanwhile, I have wonderful mails, snapshots and inbox messages - from some lovely people who read me to keep me going! I know who to send my drafts to read. ;)

You only learn to be a better writer, by actually writing.

You fall in love with the characters you etch, but you have to kill them, put them through endless miserable trouble. Flawed characters sell. It is a constant battle between wanting the best for my characters and wanting them to die horrific, gruesome, painful deaths.

A book is a proof that humans are capable of weaving magic. Words create worlds.

Writer's block for me, is an excuse for poor plotting and laziness. I zone out in the middle of the day, and the cold, unfeeling keys stare at me, mocking me.

It is going to be war; not reaching the minimum word count, you always thought writing would be fun, and now you're in love with a bunch of people who don't exist and you have imaginary conversations with them!

I am in awe of people who manage to tie the entire story together in the last five pages. I totally suck at it.

Let's begin this journey of sucking at writing, improving and moving ahead. Need to build a strong writing routine, need best wishes :D


  1. Haha. Sounds so much like my struggle.

    1. It is like everyone's struggle, I feel now :P :D


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