Saturday, 9 July 2016

Book Review #61 : Panorama

Title – Panorama
Author – Shilpi Chaklanobis
Publisher – Notionpress

First things, first. The cover of the book is gorgeous. And the title ‘Panorama’ is very apt keeping in mind the stories that it comprises of.

The author says, “This book might not change your life, but it is sure to change the way you look at it.” It surely does! It changes the way you see the world around you, post reading it.

It contains 15 short stories, each covering a diverse topic. Each story depicts a story of a complex human life. Stories which will move the readers to their core.

Each story will show you or teach you something. The stories are set in Indian context so that you can connect with them perfectly. I appreciate the author on how she has portrayed the stories with the help of characters that we see in our day to day life.

The language used is simple & the writing style is fresh.

Almost every story in the book starts beautifully. I kept turning the pages quickly, and finished the book in one go. I liked so many of them, but Wok and The Second Tsunami are my favorites.

There are very minor editing errors, that could have been easily avoided.

About the quality of the paperback, the cover and paper quality is very good.

Read this book and know the values of relationship, emotions and learn about the people around. A short and light read on a rainy day!

P.S: A Review copy of this book was sent by the author in exchange of an honest review.

Rating - 4/5


  1. 4/5. That's impressive. Oh, gosh my reading list is growing!


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