Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Mushy Conversations : Wildfire

You poke and stare,
A wildfire glare,
In melting shrieks,
I turn and burn, away,
 Till all that’s left - is ash.

Love is all consuming,
As he shines like silver midnight moon,
As liquid fire melts with twinkling sunshine of his eyes,
Feeling the warmth of his beating heart now fluttering so,
I see a radiant chain of daisies growing in the deep green grass.

Every choice I have ever made throughout my long life,
Has led me now to him at this very special moment in time,
I have now a clear vision of my life, my fate, and my destiny.

Becoming the richest person in this giant, lonely world—
Means finding you and sharing our love unconditionally.

Truly, as liquid fire melts beyond in great stars of the cosmos,
I think of you, our love.

Beside this hearth you tenderly caressed,
My body and we simmered; then we pressed, against each other,
Heat was our domain!

Nothing can extinguish;
Your warming touch,
A lasting impression,
That means so much.

Bound to be burned,
As we played with fire,
Every thought of those moments will forever stay,
Of crimson...of rose...of fire...of love...


  1. Your words has a gentle, lyrical tone that makes love the most beautiful emotion, Aayesha:)

  2. Another beautiful read from you, Aayesha. :)


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