Sunday, 3 July 2016

Nano Fiction 43 : Fights

Many a times we say or do things, we regret later. When we think later, we feel it wasn't necessary to spit that out. In a fit of momentary anger or disappointment, in an impulse, we do things that cause permanent damage.

Fights are an important part of a relationship. Because you know, they care, when they fight. But never let it overpower what you feel for each other.

I think, if he was a book,
He'd be the one I'd throw across the room,
Then hours later,
Pick up again and leaf through its pages.
He would tempt me to throw him, that's for sure..
But something about him, will always bring me back,
I know!


  1. I absolutely love ur nano fiction, Aayesha. You know how to sketch heart warming stories about life, love and relationships.

    A small token:

    1. Thank you so much, Vishal! :)
      Such a compliment! :)


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