Sunday, 11 September 2016

Book Review #65 : 03:02

Author : Mainak Dhar
Publisher : Westland
Number of Pages : 350
Publishing Year : 2016
Edition : Paperback
Price : 295

Apart from a creative name and amazing plot, the cover of the book is also very creatively designed and it looks very unique.

This book titled "03:02" written by Mainak Dhar and published by Westland Publishers, surprised me and made me curious as it was something about 03.02 am, the city of Mumbai suddenly going black with no electricity, no phones, no internet and no working cars. I just wanted to know more!

As I began reading, I was impressed with the way the story began. Eventually, the reader gets to know that a big terrorist group has invaded the city with all its forces. And then there is the protagonist who helps the people and when he comes to know about the terrorist group, fights it. The power of positivity and managing things with little resources is highlighted.

The narration of the author is action packed and fast paced. 03:02 is a book full of surprises. It is all about effortless narration. The plot is fresh, and a lot of time has been invested in research. Even the vocabulary is simple which helps you to keep reading in a good speed with a flow. He has written things with so much ease, that you feel that everything is real and is happening around you. The characters and their backgrounds are nicely developed. A special treat for all the Mumbaites is the Mumbai setting.

The first 80 pages aren't much captivating and it could have been cut short. But the climax makes up for it. The way it ends leaves you with a wide smile, it is so inspiring. There is hardly a dull moment in the entire novel, and once hooked you can be assured of sailing through right till the end.

The book forces you to think about the unanswered question “What will happen if everything goes down one day?” with no technology, can we survive?

03:02 is a different type of war story - yet gripping. An ordinary person thrown into an extraordinary circumstance, like acts of terror, and how he copes with it and leads others with leadership and conviction, makes an interesting read.

A well crafted story with powerful characters. Perfectly executed.  Impeccable character portrayal. It will bring out the patriot in you.

I recommend  the book to all the thriller lovers. Mainak Dhar proves that Indian authors can pull off thrillers with close knit storyline and action sequences with ease and conviction!

Rating - 4.5/5

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