Thursday, 22 September 2016

Book Review #66 : Silent Realities

Author: Ranjan Kaul 
Price: Rs 350/- 
Pages: 214

Blurb: A cluster of 10 stories tilting between the real and unreal, with myriad characters in an ever changing multilayered society. The range captures the frailties, moods and impulses of human behavior.

Silent Realities is a set of short stories with every page packed with suspense. Very ordinary people and events that one comes across in life are transformed into tales that touch you. The characters come alive and Ranjan Kaul captures the emotions of people with such clarity that one can feel the touch of pain or joy as it comes along. 

The author has a fine eye for detail and uses it to create an atmosphere for its locations. He sharply brings into perspective the images that are blurred to our everyday lives as we choose to coast along in our own world! There is a mixture of conflicting feelings as we await each story to end while simultaneously secretly wishing that it would continue.

The book is a non-stop read. The language is overall east to understand, clean and refined. I loved the stories of – the insecure lover and the little girl who helps her mother steal. These stories speak to you and are so relateable.

This is a great book, brilliant on every score. The stories can be read in any order. Each story is a gem.

3 stories impressed me the most, namely - The Slap, The Nest and Touch. They keep the readers hooked. I personally loved the stories The Slap and Touch which had an unhurried pace as they concentrated on the growing up phase of teens & adults and their complex interactions.

The only thing I disliked is – since the author describes everything too much in detail, there is an over description of few things, that could have been avoided.

I do hope that Author Ranjan has more stories to tell in days to come. Overall, this one is a decent and an enjoyable read. This book leaves a lingering aura.

Rating - 4.5/5

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