Sunday, 25 September 2016

Nano Fiction 46 : The Pink Lehanga

I began to imagine her in the bridal look, I wondered how happy she will be when she is totally dressed up in the bridal attire, with jewels shining all along her neck, palms and forehead, her long straight hair with a maang tika in the middle and some gold thread running all along the length of her hair.

I continued to imagine her with her hair tied tightly and a single strand falling on her face from time to time, her eyes with mascara and eyeliner, which makes them appear darker and more beautiful, and was in total contrast with her fair skin. Her lips with blood red lipstick and gloss, which she bites from time to time, whenever she is nervous and her hands decorated with mehendi, which were meant to be applied for me to show my love… Her arms covered with pink glass bangles, which jingle, as and when she moves to settle her hair and to wipe off even the tiny drop of sweat that appears on her face.

But the best part was her cute nose, which will have a small, but cute nose ring, which I had bought for her to wear on our wedding day. Everything that I was thinking about would make her look like a real angel. And then I imagined her moving slowly towards the stage with her eyes searching for me…wearing that pink lehanga!


  1. I'm in love with this couple!

  2. A beautiful Pink story about a couple in love. Love this way is eternal. Well done, Aayesha:)

    1. Indeed, Vishal.
      Thanks for dropping by! :)


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