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Book Review #68 : How to Choose a Lawyer — and Win Your Case

Pages: 152
Price: Rs. 295
Format: Paperback
ISBN13/10: 9788170949374 / 8170949378
Publishing Year: 2015 

If you wish to win a legal case, engaging the right lawyer and handling him well is the key. This book explains in an easy-to-understand style how to choose the right lawyer and how to improve the odds of winning your case:
  • When to file a case . . . and when not to do so
  • What does winning a case really mean
  • When not filing a case can be 'winning' a case
  • When compromising with the other side is a win-win case
  • How you can help your lawyer win your case
  • What to look for in a lawyer — and how to find one
  • How best to utilize your lawyer's skills — and how much to pay him
  • What you can expect from your lawyer — and what you shouldn't
  • Professional rules of conduct every lawyer is bound to adhere to
  • A lawyer's duties to his clients
  • How to avoid unscrupulous lawyers.
This book is simple to understand, with examples of some high-profile contemporary cases, this book will be a big help for anyone caught up in litigation. I loved the jacket of the book, so apt and bright.

Choices are made in a second, but the consequences last for ages. It could be the choice we make with respect to a career, buying a certain piece of property, choosing a retirement destination or even making that all important choice of a life partner.

Early on in this book Mr Talwar warns anyone contemplating litigation to think over the issue carefully.  Negotiation might be a far better option, saving time, money and much heartburn. As someone who has studied the subject at Harvard, (while also practising law and working for the United Nations) Talwar understands this very well. Even filing a simple application under the Right to Information Act might yield faster and better results and the author gives several real life examples in which this has happened. If you rush to court to sue your opponent instead of thinking over the matter calmly, you might easily fall into the clutches of an unscrupulous lawyer who is only out to fleece you and milk you dry.

The book is divided into two segments. The issue of choosing the right lawyer for your case is dealt with in the first part and how to ‘win’ your case in the second part. Expectedly, the second part makes for fascinating reading. Everyone wants to know how following a certain legal strategy can result in victory or defeat. Talwar also makes it clear that choosing the right lawyer is only part of the story behind winning your case –although it is an important part of the story. Everyone needs to take responsibility. The book gives many real life examples from the author’s own life, where following a certain legal strategy made all the difference. There are several references to the strategies of other lawyers too, including in several high profile cases in the past year or so. Read the book to find out about those, and about how best to protect your interest.
This book will help save individuals and companies millions of rupees.

This book is definitely worth the money, as it teaches a layman how the legal system works. I loved reading it, as it was enlightening. Recommended for law students as well as to anyone to wants to learn about the legal system in India.

Rating: 4.5/5

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