Saturday, 17 December 2016

Book Review #74 : The Allegorical Expedition

Author – P Satyadeep
Publisher – Partridge (2016)
Pages – 200

I recently got to read a book by P Satyadeep, an HR professional, The Allegorical Journey. This book surely stands to its bold title – a journey which is full of experiences that are more than the usual.

Pages praising the landscape in such a way that will not only appeal to the readers but also give them a respite from the usual ‘city life’ is commendable.

Another important aspect of the book is that P Satyadeep, the author, has tried to revisit the scriptures and mythological instances of the great Hindu religion.

Being a debut author, Satyadeep has done justice to his work. He has presented a quality production to the readers and I am sure they will love the book. It felt good coming across the descriptions of ghats in Varanasi, ashrams, cultural landscapes and so many things that will give you a kind of relief… A break-away novel in this modern era of cheap-fame trick in literature, P Satyadeep has created a landscape which is far from the land of elites.

Story - SJ (Satyajit) is a well-known movie director who has enough of things to live a comfortable life. However, he decides to do something which serves a true purpose. Thus, he decides to set out on a journey that takes its course through various places. He meets different people and learns many kinds of new experiences that one cannot have sitting home and living the life as it is. As a twist and also leaving the chances open for a sequel, the novelist P Satyadeep has left the end open-ended. He goes in search of the truth and he ends up meeting Shantilata, a spiritual healer who in turn refers him to Pandit Shukshmachari. He goes on an expedition covering various places en-route meeting the Panditji. What did he discover during this expedition? Did he meet Panditji? If yes, was his questions answered? This is the story all about!

What more I would like to highlight about the book is its quality chapter-titles. The titles are so metaphorical that you will be curious enough to read those – Taming The Monkey Mind, Mind is Reborn, Lost in Wilderness, The Blissful Soul, A True Revelation and so on… Truly, this novel becomes an Allegory that the author has intended to make out of it. You also start seeking the purpose of your life.

Yes, there is a magic in the realms which we don’t generally bother to explore. That magic needs to be unfolded and presented to world, and seeing the things happening, gives me a hope. Themes and plots, ideas and impetus, there are many things wrapped with our ancient marks. One needs to go ahead and untie the things and P Satyadeep has taken the courage to be on this ‘allegorical expedition’.

In a nutshell, if I might say so, The Allegorical Expedition sets the readers too on a journey to find solace and seek truth away from the daily life that we lead.

Rating- 4.5/5

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