Saturday, 17 December 2016

Book Review #75 : The THC Under a Gibbous Moon

Author: Manoj V Jain
Publisher: Notion Press
ISBN: 978-1-946129-82-6
Genre: Adult Fiction
No. of pages : 194

The story of the book The THC Under a Gibbous Moon is about three different individuals, Sanjaneka, Samar and Varun, who visit The THC, Total Healing Center for reasons very peculiar to them and it becomes a part of their journey wherein they want to get rid of the disharmony in their life and come to terms with it.

The book conveys the message, "It's okay to be emotional, it's okay to fail, it's okay to disappoint. Just move on". It is very modern in its approach and as a reader, you will connect to the story. It is also about the other side of human behaviour and desires which are usually hidden under the pretext of culture and "Log Kya Kahenge" syndrome that our society is affected with.

The narration of the book, The THC Under a Gibbous Moon is very bold. The characters, the situations that they are in, their sexuality and their existence, the problems they face and their exploration of solutions make the book a gripping read.

We, as humans, have gone beyond the usual of expectations. We always want more, more than that more and it goes on and on. In this never ending loop, we have engulfed ourselves with pain and agony, with irritation and discomfort, with trouble and turbulence, with what and what not! In the quest of achieving, beyond the expectations, we leave behind the bundle of happiness and the nature of being content.

The book is all about the healing process, that one needs during the demanding times, during the phase of accepting the past and overcoming it only to move ahead with grace. The book talks in detail about sex, gay relationship, expectations and betrayal in great detail.

The story is aligned real perfect with various incidents and it needs patience to read in full as it is not a thriller. The book still appealed to me for the simple fact that it talked in great detail about the human psychology which is the need of the hour.

Homosexuality is still a taboo subject in India and in Indian context the attitude is skeptical and not so clear enough to be discussed openly. Also marriage is said to be an institution of responsibility , compromise and convenience. It has become an affair of complexity. The book deals with both of them in a bold and honest manner.

“The THC under a Gibbous Moon” an excellent novel tells about the haven of health for both the physically and psychologically sick and troubled persons inclusive of those suffer from sexual dysfunction. The center gives them holistic treatment in the form of Massage, Oil and Steam bath, coupled with the therapy like Acupuncture , etc for recovery and rejuvenation so that they lead a happy and hale life.

I am overwhelmed by the functioning of the Total Holistic center which caters to the needs of the people affected by chronic diseases. The tight time schedule, good diet, timely advices by the doctors  psychological support given to the inmates and professional touch of the employees with result orientation all are fantastic and informative. Such clinics should be opened in a large scale in our country instead of poly clinics and specialty hospitals.

It is a roller coaster read. I would recommend this book, The THC Under a Gibbous Moon, to anyone who is interested in reading a bold and gutsy adult fiction. Good job, Manoj!

Rating - 4/5

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