Monday, 27 March 2017

Nano Fiction 49 : You Deserve Someone Who

You deserve someone who -

Does not think your relationship is too old to flirt with you.

Is totally transparent to you.

Doesn't belittle you.

Loves you fiercely despite those nasty 3-4 kgs you put on.

Believes you are worthy of love and belonging.

Knows how to love hard.

Understands that love is shown through the little things. 

Wants to know you. Know the slight line between your elbows. And the shape your furrow makes between your brows. Know how exactly your lips curve into a full-blown smile.

Gives you the most enchanting, stable, and unbreakable entwining you’ve ever known.

Finds a permanent home, not just a halting station in you.

You can walk with. Travel with. And find pockets of magic in grey city dullness.

Love is making a choice every single day, to either love or not love. That’s it. It’s that simple. Either to continue the process or not. You deserve someone who chooses you every damn day.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Book Review #77 : Open-Eyed Meditations : Practical Wisdom for Everyday Life

ISIN: 9788175993907
Genre: Non-Fiction / Self help
Publishers: Fingerprint Publishing House
Price: Rs. 250/-

Open-Eyed Meditations is author Shubha Vilas’ latest offering.

The cover is vibrant as well as simple. The image gives a clear idea of what to expect from the book.

Open-Eyed Meditations is a non-fiction book with a series of chapters based on the teachings of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Each chapter takes up one issue and offers a practical solution to it by linking it to one or more incident from the epics.

Spanning across 280 pages, the book has 64 chapters and each chapter emphasizes some aspect or other of human behavior and how to handle different situations that we encounter in our day to day life.

Shubha Vilas has delved deep into human mind and brought to light varied types of negative emotions and behavior. He has offered solutions to them using from most famous to least known incidents from the epics. Lord Rama, Krishna and Hanuman stand out in the book for their wisdom, fearlessness, dexterity and intelligence. His lessons might appear preachy but if looked closely, they are practical solutions for the modern era.

The language used is a fine balance between rich and simple sentences. Fresh ideas on the subjects of relationships, fears and phobias, and the riveting concept of the X factor, synergy and game changer makes his work distinctive.

Concepts such as fixed, rigid and realistic mindset of humans, emotional, thought oriented and uplifting personalities have been skilfully introduced. Treatment of the process of letting go, importance of time and events on human mind, power of responsibility and possessing an uncomplaining attitude is quite captivating.

Dealing with over analyzing certain things in life, he suggests that we disconnect from lower thought processes and all lower connections when trying to reach for higher goals in life. He gives us techniques to focus and move ahead in life by switching off everything below it. Decision making skills has been impressively dealt with in a chapter that brings forth several circumstances from the Mahabharata.

Several topics like being in service to your surroundings, dealing with emotions like anger and jealousy, how to overcome fear, perfectionism, trained intelligence to deal with a hurt heart, how to deal with negativity and feeling hurt by ones you love the most are dealt with in such a simple way that you need to read and re-read to let it all sink in.

This book is a powerhouse of knowledge and surely deserves a place in every bookshelf. This is a book that has to be read again and again to sharpen and educate our mind into handling different situations that we might encounter in life. It gives a broader picture of life and advises us on how to behave with people, understand each other, relate to problems, handle tough situations and take correct decisions.

I would definitely recommend this book to everyone as it has all the elements that which followed will help us lead a happy and meaningful life. This book will help you learn the art of meditating with your eyes wide open as you keenly observe the world around you and allow it to enlighten you.

After reading this book, I am feeling a positive vibes around me. This book is wonderful and it is urging me to change my way of thinking. This book taught me various lessons and gives me various answers which I was searching. If you are feeling low and need to get inspiration then just read these lines and it will boost up your spirit. This book can be a great gift to anybody.

Rating: This book is a learning experience, it is a precious book which can be read again and again! I felt a mental check with each and every line I read and has given me more intense and deeper internal dialogues with myself. Overall a profound book, deep and mystical one that can change lives! Strongly recommended for one and all.


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