Friday, 14 April 2017

Nano Fiction 51 : Losing The One You Love

Losing the one you love..

Your eyes will never stop searching for them in a crowd.

So many people become stories and poetry, but they hardly know!

Not all of us have a happy ending, some are just tragically beautiful.

When you lose once in a lifetime kind of people, there is no way to deal with the loss.

The loss of a lover, for any reason is a heartbreaking experience. Some never fully recover. There might always be a small place in your heart that holds the pain of this experience. You shared something profound together. And suddenly one day it's gone. The sudden awareness that you can't call them and be comforted is worst.

Her hair no longer on your pillows. 

His toothbrush no longer by your sink. 

Her perfume no longer lingering in the air. 

His shirts missing from your closet.

That stuff hurts.

Your broken heart wants to know how love, which is obviously a giant lie told by people to destroy others, still exists in the world. 

You see happy couples doing all the cute things that you were just doing a few months ago and you think "it won't last" or "I hate them."

And who the hell are these people announcing their relationships and engagements on Facebook? Don't they know that the world ended?

After all, love only leads to pain, right? That's how it feels. Love itself is at fault.


  1. Aayesha! At times, I often wonder whether it's really love or something else which is the biggest lie. It holds true for the heart broken and stitched. Though, we should never stop hoping. I love the fiction tale. The end is simply fab:)

  2. Oh, my heart!
    You are one talented person.


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