Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Written In The Stars

“Before I die, I want to stare at the stars with the people I love.”

Yes, "desire" comes from the Latin, de sideribus, from the stars, as Rei says. Yet before that, the Greeks had a belief that every single person was given (or born with) a star. And that star guided their destiny, was their guiding spirit. This is why the Magi followed the star at Jesus' birth. They were following "his" star. The word disaster means, literally, to be de-starred - to lose one's inner guidance, and to therefore fall into chaos. 

So equating a love with a star is to also equate that love with destiny and guidance....a very deep and intense matter indeed.

Stars are pretty, other worldly, they twinkle and when you look at the person you like - you see a similar twinkle in their eye. 

Some people adore stars because:
Stars are glittering objects beyond their reach and they see the object of their affection in the same way.

I love stars. 

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