Monday, 19 June 2017

Book Review #82 : The Other Side of the Bed

This is coming late, 2 years late, infact; but better late than never! I had put up a Facebook post in 2015, a quick review about the book, but back then, was immersed in a lot of academics, I guess, as I was hell bent on finishing my Masters, which led me to putting off the full fledged review for later. I was just cleaning my bookshelf recently, when I came across this bestseller and I was reminded of why I didn’t yet review it on my blog! Such good books do deserve to be in my directory of reviews!

  • Author: Bhavya Kaushik
  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Parlance Publishers
  • ISBN: 9788192480930, 8192480933
  • Pages: 260

The Other Side of the Bed is a moving and poignant story of a man, who loses his beloved wife to a bomb blast and the way he deals with his loss and grief. It is a story which tries to answer the age old question - What to do when someone you love dies? First look at the title and the cover and people will be moved by it. The story is a perfect recipe for people and an inspiration for those who have lost their near and dear ones and are not able to come out of that grief. It's a guide to let go of your sadness and live life for the others theory. This book is very well written, be it in terms of writing or in terms of matter, and feelings it wishes to convey and it does so with a stroke of sensitivity. 
Characterization is so good that you empathize with all of them. The sub-plots add layers to the story and the woven fabric comes out so beautiful. The book is not at all filmy, not sermonising, not over-the-top. It takes you through a journey thats heart-breaking and yet inspiring in a certain way. This story deals with the horrifying menace plaguing our society--bomb blasts. Bhavya Kaushik has portrayed the lives of some innocent victims so beautifully, so sensitively. The pricking, consuming regret of losing dreams, of losing loved ones has come alive in his words. 
The way Nakul and Devyani connect and come together in order to accept with their irreplaceable loss is so touching. The journey these two lost and shattered souls (grief mates) undertake to move ahead and overcome their loneliness makes us believe that compassion is not lost from the human heart. This story teaches us to spread love and hope---these are the two things that can make a society a beautiful place to live in. 
Bhavya Kaushik is one fine wordsmith in describing pain, ever so beautifully-
When I was asleep, somebody came and disassembled me into thousand pieces and then hurriedly put me back together in a second, losing some of my pieces on the ground, or placing some of them incorrectly.” 

We all feel we have a forever long time with the people we love, but we never remember to turn up to them and express our love to them. This book comes with a simple message, "Do let your loved ones know, you love them and how much they mean to you, before it's too late." 
I didn't like Nakul actually getting over Tamanna and packing all her stuff in a box, after her demise, labelling it "Do not open"..Very heart wrenching. I liked the fact that at the end, Nakul finds peace in Tamanna's absence and gathers the courage to sleep on her side of the bed, erasing the last wrinkles caused by the twists and turns of Tamanna's body. 

You’ll smile and then you’ll be appalled. You’ll weep and after a couple of pages, you’ll be inspired to wipe those tears off. The words will break your heart and at the same time, fill those cracks with hope and faith. I am so sure that this story is going to stay in the hearts of people. Remarkable job, Bhavya! One of the finest books, I have read so far. It has won a permanent place in my library!
I hope the further editions have a tighter proof reading though. 
I would highly recommend this book for anyone who loves reading about relationships. Who would say it was his debut book?!
Rating : 5/5


  1. Hi!
    Thanks a lot, Aayesha. I'm so glad to know that you enjoyed reading this book. It will always remain one of my favorites :) It means so much knowing that you were able to relate yourself with it. Thanks a lot for your kind words. Best wishes!

    1. Hey Bhavya!
      You are most welcome :)
      I loved the book and felt it needed to be in my "book reviews" section :D


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