Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Book Review #85 : The Wise Man Said

Publisher: Books That Inspire (2017)
Language: English
Genre: Self Improvement
ISBN-10: 8193391209
ISBN-13: 978-8193391204

    SYNOPSIS - Sammy is an 80 year old billionaire, who finds himself at the peak of his success built on a mountain of sacrifices. He decides to participate in a life he missed to live. Eleven months in a year he leaves behind his identity and money and allows his curiosity and his willingness to experience anything—death even, to take him on life changing adventures and experiences across the world. Loaded with wisdom, surprise, humor and an eagerness to embrace life, The Wise Man Said is a collection of twelve such adventures of Sammy, where his journey becomes his greatest achievement—a life well lived.

    Few days back, Priya Kumar’s team approached me for a review of this book. And having read her “The Calling”, I immediately agreed to review this one too! Priya is known to send her books for review so thoughtfully always along with cute goodies and merchandise (check the review of “The Calling” and what she sent in last time here); this time she sent a cute and a meaningful poster along with the book that has gone up on the green board of my room.

    The Book Jacket : The cover is so beautiful and magical. By seeing the cover you will get an idea that this book is going to take you on an adventure. Reading Priya’s books is equal to traveling to another world which we never thought of. Her creativity ..her just another level.

    My Review : This is a lovely book with great insights. Priya’s writing style is so positive and uplifting, it always leaves me with good vibes and smiling ear to ear. Priya says what she wants to say in a very clear & interesting way. Like her last book, “The Calling”, even this one totally resonated with me. She is someone who goes the extra mile, inspires you.

    The book is about the 80 year old Sammy who travels around the world with no money and no identity. The author takes you to 12 different rare locations around the world and through the journey of Sammy's self realization. The author has chosen such beautiful, amazing , mysterious, magical places and she describes them ever so beautifully. He just goes to places, meets people and gathers experiences about life. He just takes the path as an ordinary being despite his riches. All through his journey, the Wise Man survives on the exchange…exchange of goodness, humanity and wisdom.

    Some of the stories of old man are simply WOW. They are constructed so beautifully that, they have the ability to surprise you at every phase. The story touches the heart in all the right places & teaches, what needs to be taught.

    The key notes/ synopsis at the end of each chapter is a very good practice by the author and summarizes your takeaway from the read. Actually, this book is worth reading a multiple times. Every time you read it, you get a different perspective and gives you some precious lessons throughout the journey of uncertainty that life is. This book will question your belief system. Each and every chapter has a new adventure waiting for you.

    VERDICT: Priya Kumar has brilliantly aligned the past, present, and future with life, underlining the importance of living in present. She conveys the message through the journey of The Wise Man that material possessions never bring you fulfillment in life but values do!

    An excellent read. A must for travel lovers! My advise is don't read the entire book in one go. Read it chapter by chapter each week and take time to reflect on it. You need to soak in the goodness of this book.

    Rating – 5/5

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