Sunday, 31 December 2017

But You're My Home

Everybody has a home team: It's the people you call when you get a flat tire or when something terrible happens. It's the people who, near or far, know everything that's wrong with you and love you anyways. These are the ones who tell you their secrets.

I cannot explain,
What you mean to me,
Cause words just don’t justify,
Anything anymore.

Every time, I look at you,
There is a kind of stillness I feel.

I steal chances to hold your hand,
An embrace, a kiss,
A touch,
Yup, that's how in love I am with you.

You are my kindred soul,
Inspiring me to do so much more,
Around you, I can just be me,
Not a care for the outside world.

Issues, we raise a few,
Changes, we adapt,
Together, we will always make it through.

I feel all magical about me,
Because you are the one.
You complete me,
And you don't even know how,
Neither do I,
But you are my home.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Why I Want To Visit Paris And The Eiffel Tower? #BUCKETLIST

Paris... It is the world’s most romantic place. It’s the fashion capital.

It is on my bucket list, since I don’t know when. And yes, to an extent, Bollywood is to be blamed for this obsession!

One of Paris' most iconic attractions, the Eiffel Tower, is well known for its long queues. Each night (from dusk) the Eiffel Tower is illuminated by sparkling lights for five minutes. My dream is to catch a glimpse of that and stare at the spectacular sight. DID YOU KNOW - There are 20,000 light bulbs used on the Eiffel Tower to make it sparkle every night?

Paris is one of those cities on most people's "to visit" list and quite rightly so. It's not really a question of why visit Paris, rather why would you not.

The city of love has its own je ne sais quoi whether you've been there once, one hundred times or as yet have only seen it in the movies. Either way, Paris has something which other cities don't. And it's not just that Paris has something special, it has a lot of special somethings and the city knows it.

Its inhabitants are proud to be Parisian and whilst they may not say it out loud, they know that they live in one of the most magical cities in the world.

Perhaps, the greatest reason why you should visit the Eiffel Tower when in Paris is because it represents the city. Yes, Paris is home a number of architectural wonders, including beautiful chateaus and museums, but the Eiffel Tower is the most well-known of them all. In fact, ask a small child about Paris and they will likely respond with the Eiffel Tower. In fact, this is one visit, you are likely to treasure for years to come.

Queen of Paris, standing tall, sturdy legs planted deep into the soil of the Left Bank, her Cyclops eye keeping watch, circling over Paris at night, luring tourists worldwide like some sort of Gargantuan Siren. Her mythological beauty and astounding carriage destroy the most fervid Francophobe’s resistance to Paris with her charms, for indeed, is there anyone who can say that they do not like the Eiffel Tower? Paris without the Eiffel Tower is as absurd a proposition as New York without its Empire State Building, San Francisco without its Golden Gate Bridge, Rome without its ancient Roman Forum–one cannot imagine one without the other.

The power of her majesty, is seemingly boundless. Her effigy, her portrait in miniature, bestows an immediate cachet.

You will fall in love with this real-world fantasy

French is called the language of love and Paris has long been hailed as the most romantic city on earth so even the most hardened hearts amongst us would struggle not to be charmed by this place. Adored by honeymooners and lovers, Paris is built on romance.

And its not just romance of the physical kind, but of the architecture, the history, the boulevards and the parks. It's the romance of sitting in a cafe reading all afternoon, it's the romance of neighborhoods packed with impoverished writers or a shadowy jazz club open all night. Whether you visit Paris with a loved one or not, it is hard to ignore the romance of the city.

You will stop mistaking style for vanity

Another reason why many people visit Paris is that it's a city where style and beauty are worshipped like gods, shopping is nothing less than an art form. Almost everything in this city, from the world's most expensive dresses to kitchen appliances, is astoundingly stylish.

Parisians have a knack of looking elegant and chic in every occasion, whatever the weather, so it would be a crime when visiting Paris, this city of style, not to pick up a few hints and indulge slightly.

If it is high-end couture you seek Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré is your Mecca. Chloé and YSL rub shoulders with the likes of Versace, Lanvin and Gucci on this street of dreams. Boutiques and vintage stores selling one-of-a-kind creations can be found in the Marais to give that element of Parisian je ne sais quoi to your wardrobe.

I am waiting for the day I can finally tick it off my bucket list. Do you also have any place on your bucketlist? Tell me your reasons why you want to visit it in the comments below :)

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

25 Perks Of Dating / Marrying Me !!!

What are the perks of dating/ marrying you?” This question probably went up a long time ago on Quora. A question that says, “Talk about yourself, and on this one question, you are only required to give the good points.” Wow! I can see narcissists’ eyes lighting up everywhere. But I think it might be fun. I have never marketed myself before but here’s my attempt :
  1. I am an old school romantic - You will receive a ton of hand-made gifts, letters & notes. And the best part, I will get them delivered to you when you aren’t expecting anything.
  2. I am unpredictable - I will show up at your work unannounced and make it a lunch date with you. I will travel across the world to come see you and say “Hi”. Show up at your doorstep at 4am, whisk you away to say “I love you”.
  3. I am a big time foodie - Rest assured, we will eat at each restaurant out there. I love to try different cuisines and dishes.
  4. I will love you for who you are - I either love you or hate you, nothing in between. I won’t try to change you or your habits in any way (unless they are really bad for you!).
  5. Lots of new adventures - We will keep trying out a lot of new things, right from learning a new language to clay painting to pottery to dancing classes, it will be an adventurous ride. Ooh and did I mention travelling?
  6. Anniversaries - We will celebrate our anniversary every year, no excuses.
  7. Financial Freedom - I am great at managing money & finances. I will help you achieve financial stability & freedom.
  8. I am great listener - You can talk to me the entire night & I will listen to you patiently. I will respect your opinions & thoughts always!
  9. I can handle my life very well - I am extremely independent and I have learned to handle my life pretty well, so you won’t hear me whining about life.
  10. Time is everything - Of all things on earth, I will make sure I always have time for you. I understand that time means everything, hence you will never complain that I don’t give you enough time.
  11. When we fight - I can’t stay mad at anyone for long, so even if we have a big argument you are pretty sure that I am going to come back and say sorry first.
  12. I love kids - I love kids a lot, the only time you will need to share me is with our kid(s).
  13. Pretty committed - If I say 'only for you', believe me more than the Myntra offers saying that. I’m a forever and always kind of person.
  14. I am a writer. If I love you, you’ll automatically become my muse. So you’ll probably have beautiful poems written about you. You’ll also be bombarded with long, genuine, letters/messages/emails that express my love for you. Also, throw in 3-4 male fictional characters, because they’ll definitely be inspired by you. And at least one full length novel that tells our story. So in short, if I fall in love with you, I’ll make the whole world fall for you too. Like they say, the easiest way to achieve immortality is to make a writer fall in love with you.
  15. Memes: I’ll tag you in a lot of memes that will keep you laughing and smiling throughout the day.
  16. Our dates will be low-key. Expect pizza dates, strolls at the park, while we have a heart to heart; chilling at the beach, sipping coffee while we listen to good music; gazing at the night sky while we try to unravel the universe, small picnic dates, to name a few.
  17. I’ll always split the bill. I’m very systematic when it comes to money. I don’t like owing anyone money or taking them for granted.
  18. Honest. I can’t beat around the bush, and I’m honest to bits. So if you ask me something I’ll be completely honest about it. I’m also very good at taking criticism. So you don’t have to lie to me when I ask you something. I expect you to be 100% honest with me when I ask for your opinion.
  19. Feelings > Material. So I don’t expect you to splurge on me or buy me expensive gifts. I’d prefer something more thoughtful like a mix tape of all the songs that remind you of me, or a heartfelt letter (I won’t ever say no to pizza though.)
  20. Your dreams are my dreams. I’m going to fight for you. I won’t let you give up. I like ambitious men. So if there’s something you want to achieve, I’ll give you all my support. Feeling down and under confident? Hit me up and I’ll give you a nice little pep-talk that will make you feel like you’re the king of the world, and you can achieve anything you set your mind to.
  21. I’m tiny. I’m short, like exactly 5 Feet. Short girls are adorable. You automatically feel protective of them. Also, you’ll enjoy giving me hugs.
  22. I’m a hopeless romantic. And since I write about love and read about it too…well, you can expect our relationship to resemble the kind people make movies on, or write books about. And not in a bad way. You’re going to feel like the luckiest guy alive, trust me.
  23. Not just falling, but growing in love. I believe that there’s no point in being with someone if you don’t somehow make each other better in some way. Us meeting each other, and being with each other has a purpose. That’s why fate brought us together. And that purpose is that we both become better versions of ourselves. So I’ll strive to grow. With you.
  24. Always there for you. While it would be nice if you didn’t call me at 4 AM but if you did, I’ll be there. I’m very good at solving problems and making decisions. So if you’re confused, you know who to come to.
  25. I won't ask you to lift heavy bags for me. Just to prove the stereotype wrong, I will lift your bags too. I'm crazy like that. :D