Monday, 1 January 2018

Body Shaming #YouAreEnough #SayNoToBodyShaming #TabooTalk

The action or practice of humiliating someone by making mocking or critical comments about their body shape or size or complexion is ‘body shaming’.

Did you ever stop and think about how often we are told to change our appearance? Magazines constantly offer tips about how to lose weight “in days,” appear slimmer “instantly,” and hide our “imperfections”… without actually knowing anything about us, much less our appearance.  This is one example of body-shaming, and it is everywhere.  

Sitcoms so frequently use overweight characters’ bodies as the basis of many of the show’s jokes.  It has become the norm to criticize aspects of our bodies as some type of bonding experience with friends. Body-shaming (criticizing yourself or others because of some aspect of physical appearance) can lead to a vicious cycle of judgment and criticism.  It is said that it is desirable to look slimmer, smaller, and tanner.  And if we don’t, we worry that we are at risk of being the target of someone else’s body-shaming comments.
Body-shaming manifests in many ways:

1) Criticizing your own appearance, through a judgment or comparison to another person. (i.e.: “I’m so ugly compared to her.” “Look at how broad my shoulders are.”)

2) Criticizing another’s appearance in front of them, (i.e.: “With those thighs, you’re never going to find a date.”)

3) Criticizing another’s appearance without their knowledge. (i.e.: “Did you see what she’s wearing today? Not flattering.” “At least you don’t look like her!”).

No matter how this manifests, it often leads to comparison and shame, and perpetuates the idea that people should be judged mainly for their physical features.

Learn to accept yourself and boost your self esteem and lift others up. Watch my YouTube video as I talk more on this below! 

Hear me speak, as I talk about body shaming and how to deal with it. I would love to know your thoughts and experiences about it, comment below how you dealt with it. Is body shaming an issue you have encounter? Let’s make it interactive, please! Hopefully, the trend will begin to shift from body-shaming to celebrating women of all sizes, shapes & colors.

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  1. You are doing a fab job. Sad that this Fair & Lovely attitude permeates our society in all respect. High time we call off this archaic mentality.

    1. I hate Fair & Lovely. Seriously! We should all celebrate life, instead of shapes and colors.

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