Monday, 15 January 2018

NOT A Feminist, But A HUMANIST

Please be instrumental in encouraging the women around you with their careers. It is so, so vital. Let her do something she ENJOYS doing. It is the 21st century. See what she puts her 100 % into, what she loves investing her time into, why would you find it objectionable? Does she being better than you, smarter than you, scare you? If it does, I am so sorry to let you know, how inferior you are - in your little brain as well as in your personality.

I don’t see how she “working” or doing something unconventional as a career make you question if she’s a threat to your family reputation (when marriage is concerned)? HOW!?

Dear Society, you need to accept strong headed, independent women. IT’S HIGH TIME! And people, ask for SUPPORTIVE MARRIAGE, and not a DOMINATING one! And, no, I am NOT a feminist here, I am being a HUMANIST. I prefer critical thinking over any social dogma, always. Besides, it is one of the basic rights, for a person to do what he/she loves to do! Don’t kill their vibes and the essence of ‘them being them’.


  1. I think you're being practical :) No more No less :) And why push things to people when you can lead by example?

    1. I am always practical, I write, what I see around!


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