Thursday, 18 January 2018

Pricking Questions Women Are Asked

People are pressuring left and right for marriage?
Being asked of “when are you giving us the good news” constantly?
Nosy Aunties around??

Our societies have a lot to change. It is slowly changing, which is good. A lot of cultures have this problem but women are taking more of a stand. I love bringing up topics like these, as women can be traditional yet still take a stand on their lives. Some people refuse to change their mentality and instead are so tunneled visioned.

No matter what, it is painful to be asked this question, especially by strangers. Women need to be more empathetic towards each other and need to support when such things happen. I just wish that all women had the freedom to choose who and what they want in life rather than it being forced up on them. Give women the space and freedom to decide what's best for them.

We as women can do and be anything. But if you are not married and then have kids shortly after society looks at you as a failure. Why can’t a married woman get blessings like may you travel the world OR get successful OR stay healthy OR stuff life that? It is just plain rude, insensitive and also very sexist to ask women these questions. We as women can do and be anything. Maybe it's not just an Indian thing.

Magazines are always circling bumps around Jennifer Aniston's stomach and wondering if she is preggers. This is a worldwide madness, I suppose. Mainly because everyone is always looking at other people and wondering about their lives and curious about their private lives, that's just how most people are. Unfortunately we cannot control the way people think or what they say. We can control the way we react to this. It is going to happen WHEN and IF I want! Simple! Don't bog someone down for a piece of gossip! Just let HER be.

Do not take your own for granted and most definitely mind your own business! My thoughts are unless the woman makes a formal statement that she is pregnant you shouldn’t assume or start congratulating someone. I know a lot of women suffer from fertility issues and being hounded about having a child adds to an already stressful situation. People are more worried than you as to why you aren't married even when you are 26/27../30?!

And women need to unlearn the art of looking down upon other women. Let's make the world a better place. It's time to change the nosy mentality. If I spoke your mind, please be generous and share the post and comment your views on this, so that my and your voice reaches to maximum people and they should know that they must stop bothering about other's private affairs.

Lots of love from me!


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    1. Thank you, Sudarshan :)

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