Saturday, 24 February 2018

Book Review #94 : Fate's Design

Book Name - Fate's Design
Author - Subhashish Dey
Publisher - Good Times Book Pvt Ltd

Subhashish Dey’s debut novel makes for an intriguing read as a hired killer develops a conscience leading to a strange string of events.

What does a professional kidnapper do when he suddenly develops a conscience? Anastasaii, a hired thug from Russia is sent to kidnap the daughter of a rich man for ransom. However, guilt plagues his conscience as he knows the predicament of kidnapping a two-year-old could never be good. What follows is a series of events across continents and years that lead to a rather surprising conclusion.

What is interesting to note, is that the young 14 year old author, spares no stones in giving equal attention to all the characters of the novel. Be it Anastasaii, the young girl Natalia, Mrs Sapsky, his mum; Felix, Andrei or Irina, everyone is given their equal space in taking the novel forward.

Flitting from one character to another and one tale to the next, Subhashish makes wonderful use of time in his novel, as seemingly unrelated incidents slowly create a motif towards the conclusion.

The language is simple and poetic, a far cry from a lot of what passes off as literature these days. Narration is perfect and mature. The author’s age is perfectly reflected in the way he handles a seemingly happy ending for a family separated by one act of conscience.

A thoroughly interesting read, Fate’s Design, plays out as a struggle to live, survive and not merely exist. The synchronization can be understood at certain places where the geographical demonstrations pertaining to that location is described effectively.

We could give a benefit of doubt for the age of the author but some of the dialogues in between forces me overlook the fact that a kid wrote the book. Nevertheless the effort that is invested in the book could not be overlooked. A strong message about relations is the highlight of the book.

VERDICT-  A case study on suspense! A perfect collection of adventures! Amazingly well written novel from a 14 year old first timer. And its a book that will take you to a completely thrilling journey about fate in your fantasy with suspense in every page you flip. It sparkles with subtle and wry humour, vivid characterizations, poignant observations and breezy sentences.

Sharp insights into the human psyche and crisp writing are the hallmarks of this book. Striking phrases like "It was easier this time. Second times are always easier" shall linger on and haunt the reader long after one puts the book down.

Written at an age when most teenagers find their boats floundering in the sea of words, Subhashish had not only managed to keep a grip on the plot, taking the reader along the journey of his well drawn out characters, he had also shown a rare maturity in his choice of words. Also not to forget his understanding of music and his love for the art. I wish Subhashish Dey a bright career in writing! All the very best!

RATING -4.5/5


  1. Ooh. I can't remember when's the last time I read a thrilling book. This should be great.


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