Sunday, 29 April 2018

Dark Side Of Love

Love is beautiful and pure. But just like the moon, it has its own phases: the bright and the dark. 

The dark side?
  1. You bare your soul to that person. Tell him/her all your secrets, show them all your sides, bring out the child in you. You lower your guards and make yourself vulnerable to that one person.
  2. You invest so much time and energy in planning your future together, come up with nicknames, cute words and build your happy world.
  3. You forget your self respect, your self esteem and your own importance simply because the other person is important to you too.
  4. Memories cannot be blocked.
  5. Cant eat. Cant sleep. Cant study.
  6. You cannot believe it's over when you recall all those promises that were made to you. A part of you will always tell you that maybe all of this is a dream. Only it isn't.
  7. You are emotionally handicapped and romantically paralyzed for an indefinite period of time. You cannot trust anyone again. Love scares you for a while. You build walls of iron around you.
  8. It doesn't fade away when you want it to. The more you try to forget what happened, the more you will get reminded of it.
  9. The constant dilemma- Should I move on or should I hold on?
  10. Wet pillows. Wet bedsheet. Wet notebooks. Some people can't even cry.
  11. Basically, you have to die in order to move on.
  12. You start to fear falling in love again.
And let me tell you, the quantity of youth succumbing to these negatives is huge. Only a few, who get mature or sensible enough to understand, respect and move on, flourish. But why such negatives win over the positives of being in love? Remember, to remember the good :)


  1. So should we or should we not fall in love with anyone?

    1. I don't think that business works with our control! :D Falling once again in love can be controlled, I feel. But nonetheless, love is always what we need, so why not? :)


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