Friday, 6 April 2018

Things About Life!

These are the things I observed about life in past few months -

  • 1. Keep working on yourself. Rewards will come with time. Patience is the key.
  • 2. Keep your priorities straight. Don't work 9–5 for a company and sleep after getting    back home. Instead work diligently towards your calling.
  • 3. Your inner voice somehow knows what is good for you. Trust that voice.
  • 4. Life is not fair. I understand you all know this. But, don't expect it to be fair anytime. It will deceive you the moment you trust it.
  • 5. Have faith. Despite all the odds, have faith.
  • 6. First help yourself. It's not bad to think about yourself. Help others, but first help yourself.
  • 7. Procrastination won't get you too far. We all have a habit of dallying subconsciously. This won't get you anywhere. Buckle up.
  • 8. Failures will come. Despite all the hard work, you can still fail. In such a case, don't get disheartened. Rather, start again. It's arduous, but you are more audacious.
  • 9. People will leave. The one whom you confide in today, can leave in unexpected ways tomorrow. Don't beg anyone to stay.
  • 10. People will try to bring you down. Build a wall around yourself and be secluded so that no external voice shakes your inner faith.


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