Sunday, 27 May 2018


As a young adult, you wonder why anyone would want to go back to being a kid. You can make your own choices, have independence, etc. But then there are plenty of occasions, as you proceed through this adulthood, when all you wish is to go back to a time with zero responsibilities. Adulting has its benefits and pains. Recently, I have been experiencing the frustrating reality checks that life is so good at giving us. I thought, why not write about it? Let me know below in the comments below, if anyone of you is experiencing the same!

Few of my reasons, why I feel “Adulting” is OVERRATED!
  • Having to take responsibility for everything you do – good or horrible. At home, at work, in life. It was so easy when you could just blame your mistakes on being a kid. Now, there is just a lot expected of you.
  • Everyone kind of expects you to be in a relationship but my love life is non-existent and it get’s harder and harder to find a proper guy. Disney completely lied about love. I swear. My Facebook timeline is full of people getting engaged, married, having children. Meanwhile, I’m living back home, and just really love to dwell in self-pity, on certain days.
  • Paying random, multiplying bills and really having to take care of your money. Or when you realize how much you're actually making after those taxes are slashed off your salary.
  • When you go to a networking event because every real adult in your life is like “YOU MUST NETWORK and meet NEW people!!”
  • When you try to convince potential employers that you're qualified for a job, even though you’re enough talented.
  • When you have to figure out how to make friends in the "real world". Because everyone wants to connect to you to get something out from you. Zaalim duniya!
  • When your life achievements aren't exactly how you pictured them back in school. I remember, being a topper throughout in school and college, I had almost believed that these marks are going to guarantee me an amazing life ahead. I was so wrong.
  • You constantly have to figure out your life and where to go next. Most of the time, it feels impossible.
  • Your’re expected to act your age which is pretty much the most boring thing ever. Because I am childish. Quite.
  • Making doctor’s appointments and taking care of your health, getting mental “Exercise” reminders.
  • Getting your own place is so expensive.
  • Having to listen to things like “your clock is ticking.” Seriously, mind your own damn business, aunty.
  • That feeling of panic you get, when you see all the great things other people your age have achieved, and you start questioning all your life decisions.
  • You realize that school didn’t really prepare you for anything real.
  • You get judged for everything you do.
  • That “damnit, my parents were right, after all” kind of feeling.
  • You get a lot more noise sensitive. And, earphones come to your rescue!

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