Saturday, 29 December 2018

Top 15, 2018 Life Lessons

Top 15, 2018 Life Lessons: 🌻

Since 2018 is coming to a close, I thought I would reflect on some of the lessons I learned this year. What a year! Today, I’d like to recap and share my biggest life lessons of 2018. It’s been the best year so far but that doesn’t mean everything was going my way. Read to know more... :)

1. Fall madly in love with yourself. "I am enough". 
2. Have unwavering faith; things will fall into place.
3. Never take life for granted.
4. Be more observing.
5. It’s okay to dream big.
6. Only when you move away from your comfort zone and cocooned life, you discover other facets to yourself.
7. Listen to the little encouraging inner voice more than the self doubt demon who plagues you. 
8. Don’t be scared if you fall off the wagon.
9. Dignity lies in getting a sense of the ending and letting go what’s not meant for you, gracefully.
10. Not everything you see on social media is real or goals.
11. Worry about your craft. Not the algorithm.
12. Genuine love is a privilege. Do whatever it takes to nourish it, so it lasts forever. 
13. Enjoy and be in love with the “process” of something not just the end result. Be in love with the fight too, not just the victory. Be obsessed with improvement.
14. Our proudest achievements come in the face of the greatest adversity.
15. Thoughts become things.


  1. You forgot to mention to be kind. Anyways the list was a good compilation. May your 2019 be the best ever year.

    1. Because I felt it wasn't a lesson in my 2018; kindness is a lifestyle, for me.
      The lesson can be though : knowing the difference between being kind and being a doormat. Happy 2019.


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